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that this government has sent to north korea is that it needs to change its rhetoric and take the. reporter: lowering the temperature has proven challenging, skwro*fpblt. jon: what about the members o jon. jon: what are the members of congress saying. >> reporter: they say countering the threat costs more than four years ago a price tag of $205 million. one former lawmaker says the u.s.' enemies are looking to exploit any holes in america's national security. >> people are out there looking for the opportunities, gaffes and weakness. we should have continued to have a defense shield and show peace through strength which is what ronald reagan promote ned that speech back 30 years ago as a deterrent. >> reporter: the administration had planned to beef up inch centers to 44 but president obama stopped the deployment when he took office in 2009. jon: mike emanuel in washington. thank you. coming up later in the hour general jack keane joins us with his take on the growing threat from north korea and the pentagon's efforts to ramp up security. jenna: the president wrapping up three davis visits to capitol
, everybody. jon: right now brand-new stories and breaking news. jenna: more changes at the white house following those automatic spending cuts. what the administration is canceling now to save money and what one republican says should happen instead. also after more than two weeks of testimony a woman on trial for the murder of her boyfriend is getting hit with more questions, but this time those questions are from the jury. we'll tell you about it. plus, the legend, regis, do you really need his last name? you all know regis, right? he's here to talk about his new talk show, new talk show and regis, it's all "happening now." right now millions of americans are bracing for a dangerous winter storm. hi, everybody, glad you're with us. i'm jenna lee. jon: get the blankets and stay warm. i'm jon scott. this is a live look at our nation's capitol. snow is blanketing the white house as it began a bit earlier. the massive storm slamming the central part of the u.s. now it is hitting the east aiming straight for cities like washington and boston. there are major concerns about icy roads and p
to change that. then we have got this new poll just to add to the mix about how working moms are doing. they find it more difficult to balance home and family than the dads do. bill: huge challenges out there for them. martha: yes. bill: we'll catch -- and for you. [laughter] have a good day. martha: see you tomorrow, everybody. jon: and right now brand new stories and breaking news. jenna: new concerns about safety in the skies after we're told a rage suspect gets through security screening with a stun gun. this happening as the head of the tsa goes before lawmakers to defend his plan to allow small knives back on planes. more on that in a moment. >>> plus, new trouble for another carnival cruise liner. reports that the carnival dream is turning into a nightmare. the ship apparently stuck in the caribbean right now. the stories we're hearing from passengers that at this time, jon, sound all too familiar. and we're going to talk with senator john mccain moments from now as he marks 40 years since his release from a vietnamese prison camp. his reflections, his thoughts 40 years later. i
boy for americans for centuries. i don't expect that to change. we lost the presidential election in november. there are lessons we have to learn from that. we have to do a better job reaching out to every american and making the connections to show how our solutions will do a better job helping them. i'm confident if we do that the republican will be just fine. david drucker is a senior editor at role call. he also has a new blog on house politics called, g.o.p.ers. you can see the entire interview with speaker boehner posted there. david, how are you doing on this monday? >> good morning. good to be here, jon. jon: thanks. here's the question, the speaker said, congress has been america's favorite whipping boy for more than two centuries. if you look at pole numbers out from quinnepiac, it is not just congress in general. republicans do not do as well. they get a 20% approval rating from the american people in this survey. democrats get a 32% approval rating. why the difference? >> well, i think right now there are a lot of people frustrated with the republican party. first of a
action even though the assault weapons ban had expired just about 10 years earlier. so you see the change. jenna: let's a little bit about that because dianne feinstein says she is disappointed in this. she said if you think congress would listen and clearly listened to the nra. a lot of fingers point to the nra as the reason behind the fact this part of the legislation was dropped. however we had this author on our program, juan, and can you bring up juan, i like to see him when i'm talking to him as well. thank you, i'm sorry. we have fancy graphics just talking to you, juan. thanks for that. >> okay. jenna: dan bond, this writer, did this big story about traveling across the country and taking a look at gun owners and he points out there's 100 million gun owners in this country and that the nra only has four million members. and when you look at the stat that we presented into this segment, seems a lot of people were motivated to go out and apply for guns because of this legislation, because of a question about the legislation. so is it really the nra has the power in this debate or is
and changing underneath your feet. so that's what i think about when israel faces these challenges. that sense of an israel that is surrounded by many in this region who still reject it, and many in the world who refuse to accept it. that's why the security of the jewish people in israel is so important, it cannot be taken for granted. make no mistake, those who adhere to the ideology of rejecting israel's right to exist, they might as well reject the earth beneath them or the sky above because israel is not going anywhere. [cheers and applause] >> and today i want to tell you, particularly the young people, so that there is no mistake here, so long as there is a united states of america -- [speaking foreign language] >> you are not alone. [cheers and applause] >> the question is what kind of future israel will look forward to. israel is not going anywhere, but especially for the young people in this audience the question is, what does its future hold? and that brings me to the subject of peace. [applause] >> i know israel has taken risks for peace. brave leaders reached treaties with two of y
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happened. >>> and a woman's place is in the house and the senate. a look at the the changing face of capitol hill as the gender gap shrinks. [ giada ] why did i switch to natural instincts? it's healthier, ammonia-free. and with aloe, vitamin e, and coconut oil, my hair looks healthier than before i colored. i switched. you should too, to natural instincts. ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. jon: right now a new twist in a bizarre murder case. rick folbaum has details from the breaking news desk. >> reporter: you really couldn't make this stanley stuff up if yd to, and now the murder suspect's bizarre behavior has brought anythings to a halt. viola was a german ex-pat live anything d.c. along with her much-younger husband, a fellow german. they had hosted fancy parties in their georgetown home on a regularring basis, and then one night in august of 2011, viola was found dead. the now 48-year-old husband wa
the changing face of al-qaida and our war against terrorism? >> sure, well i mean i think that this one individual really demonstrates the interconnect teuft of what we call the al-qaida franchise is or affiliate groups. we know there's been a shift within the al-qaida network that the headquarters so to speak has been weakened significantly, so they have shifted to these affiliate groups. what we now see is the interconnect teuft of them. the kaoeufd the arabian peninsula is reaching out to al shabab, telling them webs and providing them assistance. they are not next to each other so to speak but they find ways of cooperating. you also get a sense of how aqap, kaoeufd the arabian peninsula is looking at the horn of africa as perhaps the next frontier in jihad. that is something i think american officials will need to look at very carefully. jenna: in your research work look at all the people that we have been able to arrest and get into our custody. but the ideology remains. why? >> well the ideology is something that has been instilled in these individuals for quite a long people. thi
, personally or online you don't have to pass a background check. that's what this law could change. some republicans say the law would not be effective. >> they fail to recognize that criminals won't be any more likely to submit to expanded background checks than they are currently. they will go around supposedly universal checks to steal guns or buy them in the black market. >> reporter: some republicans also are concerned that expanding background checks would lead to a national registry of gun owners, which they oppose. jon. jon: so do any of these bills have a chance of getting through the full senate? >> reporter: well, all of the bills may possible the democratically-controlled senate judiciary committee today, but the full senate is another matter. accepts and democrats seem maybe willing to come to some kind of agreement on a new law adding stiffer penalties who those who traffic in firearms and on straw purchases. those are people who legally can buy guns and pass them onto those who cannot. here is more. >> straw purchasers circumvent the purpose of the background check system
% of army operational units. >> reporter: those impacts are subject to potential change depending on what congress does with the continuing resolution. there are other impacts being felt right now, homeland security in a poll tanee described somjanet napolitano described some of them yesterday. >> you are already seeing affects at the big airports, for example, some of them had very long lines this weekend. >> reporter: waits for customs inspections at miami interest nation and and at new york apartment jfk were over two hours, longer than normal. jenna: at a local level we seeing any impacts of federal dollars drying up or programs being curtailed because of the sequester? >> reporter: you're affiliate here in washington wttg is reporting that the d.c. housing authority has stopped issues new housing vouchers. we've asked our other affiliates around the country to provide us information as it comes in. even as the cuts are in place it looks like many government agencies are hiring anyway. monday the u.s. forest service posted a job add looking for summer recreation aids. the irs wants pe
themselves the conversation can change in unexpected ways. so we can talk about some names who are mentioned a lot. to suggest there is a clear frontrunner or one of these two or three men will probably be the next pope is probably not very helpful. rick: lauren green, i want to bring you in. we heard from stefen white mentioning the name of cardinal o'malley. there are a couple of other american cardinals who are taking part in this conclave. it seems for the first time i don't even, for maybe the first time ever there is some serious discussion of an american pope. how has it come to that, lauren and what's the reaction been? >> reporter: well, you know one of the reasons why the american popes, i'm sorry the american cardinals are mentioned so much because one of the needs of the church is sort of clean up the mess in the vatican curia, the vatican government. one of the things that americans have is a great deal of administrative ability. they know how to run a diocese, archdiocese, many of the larger archdiocese like los angeles and new york, washington, d.c., they are large places and
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the oil industry says it would be closer to a dime. officials say the car changes would add about $130 to the costs by 2025. the american petroleum institute was quickly critical calling the new regulations the latest in a tsunami of regulations that could raise gasoline production costs. and michigan republican congressman fred upton released a statement that read quote with 4 tkhr-rz a gallon gas the norm in many parts of the country we cannot afford policies that knowingly raise gasoline prices. the epa says a third of the country's refineries already meet the sulfur's standard and most others can do so with only modest modification. officials say the lower pollution would save 2400 lives a year and 23,000 cases of respiratory ailments in children. meanwhile the president is headed to the port of miami to push for investments he says would create jobs and help the u.s. better compete with other ports around the world to boost american exports and reduce the trade deficit. >> the port of miami is a major center of commerce the example of the critical infrastructure improvements that
jackie jackson said now could be a time to change relations between the u.s. and venezuela. >> there is no place in a high stakes game for the name calling, and calling the president the develop and all of that. it's inappropriate. it's not goodie phroepl massey. sometimes we can use loose rhetoric to distract from the bigger issue. >> reporter: next up here will be presidential election. they are scheduled to take place some time within the next 30 days. back to you. jenna: steve harrigan live in venezuela, steve thank you. jon: a big-time security breach at one of the nation's busiest airports to tell you b. the airport that's been called the ground zero of tsa failures. this latest episode is truly frightening, harris has all the details for you up ahead, plus jodi arias she admits she changed her story over and over about killing her ex-boyfriend. now she says she is telling the truth. is the jury buying it? our legal panel weighs in next. >> what happened on june 4th i don't know how the mind works necessarily but i know that that was the most traumatic experience of m
. the technology is changing. one of the areas we all acknowledge this morning, all three secretaries we need to do more work in, streamline being acquisition, making it easier and quicker to get technology in place. look, the bottom line it is hard to prove the value of what doesn't happen but i guaranty when something bad does happen everybody feels it right away and they understand the importance of preventing it. jenna: every up with one is talking about leaving the shoes on getting on the plane, right secretary chertoff? we talk about the big issues. what about my belt? let's hope technology replaces that. >> meantime everybody is working on it. jenna: secretary, nice to have you today. thank you so much. >> thank you. jon: big news in washington today as the president announces he will nominate three new members for his team and as new people are named to head federal agencies that have played controversial roles in this administration we're also getting a clearer picture of what budget cuts could mean for the american people as the political fallout from the sequester continues. senior white
forth by a previous administration. so they wanted to change the rules. something like that happens, morale starts to degrade. something like this takes place in benghazi where you've got people out there risking their lives doing what they want to do, i mean, these people are incredibly patriotic, but yet again, when it all starts to head south and there's no cover, there's no explanation as to why there's not a backup that the cavalry was never called again, as i keep saying. you know, this has an impact on the officers. that's not going to say they're not going to continue to march forward and do their job, of course they will. but you can't ignore the fact that it damages morale. you have to have an expectation of top cover from your administration, whatever that administration is. and wright now that's -- right now that's really in question. jenna: mike baker, the hearing begins at 2:00 today. we'll be watching those questions and answers closely. mike, as always, thanks for the time. >> thank you. thank you. jon: in arizona the jodi arias trial is back on today. new testimony
group four years later shows a bit of a change. 39% favored same-sex marriage while 54 per did not. fox news contributor karl rove is former senior sreurs and deputy chief of staff to former president george w. bush knows the numbers well and knows politics better. let's talk about the issue for the gop is this a deeply philosophical issue that the party is tackling internally or a deeply generational issue that is bigger than party? >> i think it's both. you pointed out that younger republicans have changed their attitude about this. if you compare that across all age groups younger voters have had a more dramatic change in their opinions on this within the republican party and in the broader electioee electorate. if you look at all of the age groups and their movement between 2008 to 2012 the group that moved most away from barack obama and into the republican presidential camp were millenniums, ages 18 to 29. about 11% of them shifted from supporting obama in o8 to supporting romney in 12. the more younger voters you have in the republican marty the more likely they are to have welco
or hay. how things have changed. you need a chemical engineering degree these days. jon, back to you. jon: wheel look for the white smoke. let us know if you see it. lauren green, thank you. jenna: we'll return to rome momentarily. now to washington, d.c. there is new information to avoid a government shutdown. the senate is considering a broader version of the house bill just passed to keep the government up and running the next several months. there are questions whether the house will pass what is being described as a new hybrid measure. doug mckelway is live on capitol hill. doug, so we're clear on the timeline, this isn't about the budget battle for next year? this is about funding the government for the next few months, right? >> reporter: that's right, jenna. this is the continuing resolution the house passed last week that continues to fund the government through september. it is in the senate's hands right now and it appears to enjoy broad bipartisan support on the appropriations committee thanks to a large art part the chairman of that committee, barbara mikulski is working with
assistance by the united states. what do you think about this change? >> well, it is an increase in assistance to the opposition, there is no doubt about it, but it's not guided by any strategy. i think the administration is responding to criticism that it's not doing enough, so it's taking effectively a half step. the fact is that as secretary kerry himself just said, they hope this is going to influence president bashar al-assad to step down. that's been their operating premise for two years. it was foolish two years ago, it's foolish today. bashar al-assad's only incentive toys fight to the end. i think this represents certainly an expansion of the aid but no real change in policy. jenna: we've been told that we haven't given aid in the past because we don't know who we are giving it to. who are we giving it to now? >> i still think that this is a fundamental failing for all those who want to aid the opposition. i just want to hear the names of the people, the leaders of the opposition that we can trust if we give them this aid or, particularly lethal aid, that if they prevail
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